With the „Praktikumswoche Nürnberg“ students have the opportunity to get to know exciting and thematically different occupational fields in one week.

Every day a new company. This makes it easy for companies and students to get to know each other. The goal is to get students motivated to apply for vocational training in one of the approximately 200 professions offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

How does an internship week work?

The students choose any week during the summer vacations and determine the professions or occupational groups in which they are interested. In this way, companies and students get to know each other in a one-day taster internship. The students change companies after each day and gain experience in different professions.

To give an insight into our varied working environment, we offer internships for the following professional fields:

Warehouse logistics specialist

Due to the variety of products we carry, everyday life as a warehouse logistics specialist is very diverse, lively and interesting.

Office management specialist

Administrative and communicative activities provide an overview of our field of plastics and elastomer technology.

Machine and plant operator

Students learn about our conventional and computer-controlled machines and how they work. They are taught the basic principles of component quality control.

Cutting machine operator

The focus is on programming the computer-controlled machines and machining a wide variety of materials.

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