Sealants and Adhesives epple

"Epple Bond" Instant Adhesive

epple-bond-instant-adhesives  are solvent-free , rapidly polymerising and cold-hardening single component adhesives. The adhesive bonds have good mechanical strength, high adhesive power, good temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

epple bond 4102 for elastomeres, plastics and rubber
epple bond 4201 for metals, including non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous and light metals
epple bond 4202 for plastics, natural  and synthetic rubber with each other and with metals
epple bond 4203 for porous, absorbent materials, wood, cork, leather and plastics
epple bond 4204 for metals, including non-ferrous and light metals
epple bond 4205 for plastice and elastomers

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"Epple" Adhesives

Adhesive  4500 – solvent-free dispersion adhesive with especially high flexibility
Adhesive  4551 – multi-use adhesive for small bonds, adhesive film remains transparent and elastic   
Adhesive  4603 - solvent-free adhesive, heat-hardened, for bonding metals
Adhesive  4851 - adhesive film remains highly elastic, can be used as contact adhesive
Adhesive  5601 - for rigid bonds
Adhesive  5602 - solvent-free adhesive high-strength bonds
Adhesive  5604 - solvent-free adhesive , especailly suitable for bonding rubber and plastics
Adhesive  5605 - solvent-free adhesive with exceptional waterproof qualities, hardens even in a wet environment
Adhesive  5701 - solvent-free adhesive with highly elastic adhesive film
Adhesive  5702 - solvent-free adhesive , high flexibility
Adhesive  5752 - adhesive with especially tearproof and highly elastic adhesive film
Adhesive  5753 – as adhesive 5752, but transparent
Adhesive  5851 – especially heat resistant

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"Epple" Sealants

No sealant can meet all requirements equally well. That’s why the right sealant must be selected for every application. 

The spectrum ranges from non-hardening, permanently elastic systems to elastic hardening and non-hardening to rigid hardening, non-flexible systems.

epple 22: tough-elastic
epple 28: strippable
epple 30: elastic 
epple 32: acid resistant
epple 33: hard-elastic 
epple 35: flame resistant
epple 37: heat resistant
epple 40: plastic
epple 41: plastic
epple 45: permanently elastic 
epple 46: permanently elastic 

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