1-Ear Hose Clamps

1-Ear Hose Clamps

1 Ear Clamp stepless W4

Stepless ear clamps are available in standard widths and thicknesses. The band dimensions must be selected in such a way that they take account of the necessary radial forces such as the hose texture and ensure the necessary sealing and / or holding properties for the corresponding ambient conditions. Material: Stainless steel

Band width: 7 mm

Effective diameter range: 26.9 - 120.5 mm


1 Ear Clamp insert ring W4

Clamp type with an additional stainless steel insert ring. It is ideal for demanding applications with soft and hard rubber or plastic materials. Material: Stainless steel

Band width: 5.5 - 9.2 mm

Effective diameter range: 2.5 - 30.0 mm

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