ABA Hose Clamps

ABA Hose Clamps

ABA Hose Clamps standard W1 DIN 3017
Flexible hose clamps with robust housing.  Rolled-up band edges and a smooth underside protect the hose. Screw: hot dip galvanized, tape: galvanized, housing: lacquered.

Band width: 9 mm, 8-12, 10-16, 12-20, SW 7 mm
Band width: 12.2 mm, SW 7
Effective diameter range: from 8 - 310 mm

ABA Hose Clamps Acid Resistant W5 1.4436

ABA hose clamps is acid-resistant and is a particularly stable and reliable hose clamp which is designed for high loads under rough and corrosive conditions.

Band width: W5 8-14, 11-17, 13-20, 9 mm,
Other dimensions: 12.2, SW 7 mm
Effective diameter range: from 8 - 307 mm

Screwdriver for ABA Hose Clamps
Compartmentalised storage boxes also available!

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