Pumping Systems

Pumping System

Construction and Technical Characteristics

  • Reinforcing inserts made of special cord
  • Black casing, CR, friction-, weather-, seawater- and oil-resistant, electrically conductive
  • Thick walled wearing layer
  • Steel spiral
  • Spacer plate

Seal: made of supporting fabric

Coupling: Impact-resistant aluminium, 2 semi-shells, interior corrugation, interlocking with hose

The construction assures stability of form, whether under the stresses of pressure, suction or gravity.
Operational pressure max. 10 bar,
Safety factor 3,2:1
(burst pressure min. 32 bar)
Vacuum max. 9 mWs
Standard: Flanges in configuration DIN PN 10 and ASA 150.
Also available: Other flange configurations, plastic-coated
couplings (protection from corrosion and chemical attack)

Types of Pump:
Hydraulic transport of abrasive materials
Pneumatic transport of abrasive materials
Hydraulic transport of substances with chemical attack
Pneumatic transport of solid and powdered foodstuffs
Hydraulic transport of abrasive materials with chemical attack

Solution: our pumping system

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