Hoses for high claims - fluidtel

Industrial Hoses for high claims

Fluidtel is a development partner and original equipment manufacturer of the hose components to complex line system with comprehensive material and process competence for the whole industry . The hoses meet national and international standards and individual customer specifications.


Application area:

general industry: jumbotel, demitel, demitel HT, cleantel
ground freezing: frigotel
chemical industry: unitel, unitel mobil, multitel, multitel Mobil
Wastewater Treatment Technology: jumbotel, vacutel
Plastic injection industry: tempertel
Food industry: aquatel, aquatel PS, aquatel HD, unitel, unitel mobil, collectel, multitel, multitel mobil, cleantel
mechanical engineering: jumbotel, tempertel
Commercial Vehicle Industry: jumbotel, vacutel
Pharmazie und Chemie: unitel, multitel, multitel Mobil, demitel, demitel HT, cleantel
heavy industry: jumbotel, demitel, demitel HT
steel industry: jumbotel, demitel, demitel HT
Dry Ice Blasters: frigotel
water supply: aquatel, aquatel PS, aquatel HD, demitel, demitel HT, cleantel


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