Plastics for medical, pharmaceutical and food processing

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Our plastics consist of raw goods conforming with FDA-regulations and are periodically tested for biocompatability as half-finished products. These characteristcs and their specific sterilisation durability make them ideal for use in medical and pharmaceutical technology.

Profit from our wide variety of experience with different areas of medical and food technology.


We find the optimal solution for the real application in which every special demand is precisely taken into account.

In x-ray machines, computer and NMRtomography,
blood analysis devices and other visualising processes, our plastics have proven themselves with their transparency and resistance to electromagnetic radiation.

Our high-performance plastics are used in all kinds of surgical devices, such as scissors, forceps, clamps, endoscopes, handgrips, fixing aids or even geometry adaptation models for orthopaedic joint implants.

Dental Medicine
Our materials for devices for tartar removal or hardening dental fillings meet the high demands for repeated sterilisation. Our plastics are physiologically safe for use in suction and irrigation devices.

High grade thermoplasts guarantee that respiratory devices and media distribution devices in dialysis machines will function properly.

Devices for delivering and administering medications are becoming increasingly complex and patient-friendly. Plastics play an important role in this important market.


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