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Plastics- Tolerances

In the processing of plastics, we distinguish between three groups that have different tolerances, apart therefrom, other (narrower) tolerances according to the arrangement are technically possible.

1. Semi-finished blanks with rough tolerances 0/+ 2 mm
2. Blanks to finished with narrow tolerances according to DIN ISO 2768-m
3. Precast part with tolerances in accordance with DIN ISO 2768-m

Through changes in temperature and moisture absorption may occur volume changes in plastics, this has a direct impact on the finished dimensions.

Depending on the material, we can produce the desired close tolerances often on our modern and for the Material Plastic optimized machines, however, may occur due to the material properties subsequent dimensional changes.

Already in the design of parts and components of plastics, it is therefore useful to consider the possible material-related tolerances.

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