Plastic hoses

All plastic hoses at a glance

Compressed air-hose
Compressed air-coils
Garden hose 
Coolant hose „Snap-Loc“ PC-specialised-pneumatic hose 
PTFE-corrugated tube 
PVC-flat hose PVC-suction hose pressure hose ET 864
PVC-hose „coloured“, with Fabric Inserts
PVC-hose transparent
PVC-hose transparent OB oil resistant PVC-hose with fabric Insert 
PVC-hose with fabric Insert „soft“
PVC-drinking water hose 
PVC-vacuum hose with steel wire coil
Shrink tubing 
Shrink tubing for flourescent tubes, shrink tubing „soft“
Swimming pool hose 
Spray hose 
Drinking water-flat hose, corrugated tubing 

Product Catalogue for Plastic Hoses as PDF (complete)

You will find all hoses and tubes listed under „Plastic Hoses“.

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