Moldings made of RTV silicone

Custom made ​​of solid silicon

- Silicone Rubber Buffer
- Pipe sleeves
- Medical products etc.

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Metal compounds with silicone / silicone seals from solid

Silikon gasket.

Metal compounds with silicon of 8 , 18 and 25 Shore.

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Moldings made of RTV silicone

(Prototypes , one-off production , series production parts)

RTV stands for room -temperature vulcanization of two components. By mixing the two components , the product cures.

Advantages of addition- RTV silicone:

  • low shrinkage (<0,1%)
  • precise dimensional accuracy
  • Preservation of mechanical properties at -40 ° C to +180 ° C
  • very good weather resistance
  • better resistance to radiation than other organic elastomers
  • electrical insulation capability

The physical data of RTV silicone types are partly significantly lower as that of HTV silicone rubber types. The temperature resistance and also the temperature behavior are comparable.

Available designs

- color variations
- sided smooth or rough surface
- Silicon coated with PTFE glass fabric sheet
- different shore hardnesses combined
- Silicon metal compounds

Area of application
Versatile as a molding or gasket element

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Special profiles made of solid silicon

Profiles in a variety of designs

•  square profile, 
•  L-profiel or
•  T-profile

in the shore hardnesses 
•  25 Shore A
•  18 Shore A 
•    8 Shore A

different colors available 
•  blue (standard color)
•  red
•  green 
•  and much more

Profiles are available as short lengths or by the meter according to your drawing.

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