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Elastomer- and Plastic area:
Production of molded parts, special parts, gaskets, cutting of plastic, elastomer and plastic turned and milled parts.
Parts according to your sketches can be produced just as customer drawings part.
Our design creates the necessary production drawings for our production.

Hose lines:
Manufacture of hose lines: The finished incorporable line including proper connection fittings is created together with the necessary test certificate.

Double-walled hose lines:
double-walled, multi-chamber or multi-lumen. We manufacture the hose-in-hose system with plastic- or rubber hose lines. Individual in terms of hose quality, dimensions, length and color with matching connection armatures.

Own Hose program fluidtel. Hoses in this area meet highest claims and are mainly used in special applications. High power reserves, combined with extraordinary quality features allow uses in the border area.

Application area

Laser cutting technology in large-scale applications:
cooling through the use of ultra pure water- our hose demitel.

plastic injection molding engineering:
Tempering of forms through the use of hot water - our hose tempertel.

Conveyor Technology:
Transport of highly abrasive bulk material - our hose ceratel.

Cleaning Technology:
Transport of dry ice pellets – our hose frigotel.

soil freezing  technology ( e.g. subway construction):
Promoting brine liquid to minus 55 ° C - our hose frigotel.

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology , food technology , specialty chemicals:
Universal hose with bright FDA compliant soul, yet electrically conductive - our hose unitel.

General industry, automotive, refining technology: High performance requirements for stability , temperatures , elasticity , flexibility , robustness- our hose jumbotel.

Food Industry:
Promoting highly abrasive food products in FDA compliance - our hose granutel.

disposal vehicles:
torsion resistance vacuum hose with extended life - our hose vacutel.

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